Welcome to Choices

My Recovery Statement

My name is Jonnie Mae Rentas and I have a long Mental, and penitentiary history. I have had a mental disease since I was 7 years old. But it wasn't diagnosed until I was in my late teens. I was very violent I was told all the time and had a lot of trust issues. I was put in the D-H at a early age and then I started getting into more trauma. I did an off and on amount of time of 6 years in Fallsview Mental Hospital and I have 45 convicted felony's and 3 penitentiary numbers and I am in the mug book of the State of Ohio. But in 1999 I was released from prison and taken to Choices for a job interview and was hired. And they knew of my past and still gave me a chance at a new start. They had a hard time with me too, but they still just kept trying to hang in there with me. That gave me the strength to take time out to see within myself what they have been seeing the whole time. And that is someone who has ability to do something in life. I started going to their BRIDGES groups, WRAP groups and learned more about me and my diseases and learned more tools to deal, and cope, my spiritual side strengthens me totally too. I now have 9 years clean sober and I have my own cleaning business and I facilitate a group called Positive Outlooks in Life once a week. Choices and it's staff and members is a great place to go.
Written by Jonnie Mae Rentas