Welcome to Choices

John Moneypenny

This is my story, recovery and success is something that is ongoing but is never finished. I'll try to make this the short version just the basics to give you an idea of my story. As a kid, growing up I had my problems. I guess they just thought of me as a bad kid. I showed signs of my illness, but no one seemed to know or care. Like a functional alcoholic I learned to be a functional adult. In my twenty's I had some TIA's (mini strokes) and a small stroke. My motor skills were not right so I had to learn to walk, talk and hold things. I could do all of these things but not easily. After that I went down hill fast. I was in the hospital more then I was out. Their answer to everything seemed to be drugs and restraints. For an example, I went to staff with a problem. I had two small kids at home and no one there to look after them. Their mother took off somewhere. Instead of helping me get someone to be with the kids, I was too upset. I needed sedation and restraints. I was given shock treatments which didn't help. They sent me to a long term hospital 100 miles away. I received the same type of treatment (sedation and restraints). One day I wasn't going along with their program so they were going to put me in restraints. I went off that got me court order to the State hospital. They were ready to let me out of the hospital but, I would have to wait to get into their release program which would take another year to year and a half. They let me out as long as I would come live in my parent's house. I entered Cuyahoga Valley Day Care Program. I was in worse shape coming out of the hospital than before I went in. Don't know how long I was there. They closed the program down and sent me to Portage Path Behavioral Health. I started doing better. I went to BVR 3 times didn't do much to get me back to work. I was referred to Choices, a consumer operated center. I started working part time at Choices. In 2006 I started working full time as Assistant Director of Choices. I haven't been back in the hospital since starting at Choices. Almost forgot, I got a diploma in accounting from Hammel College.