Welcome to Choices

Erin Hirsch

What Choices means to me.
It is beautiful; it gives me a safe haven with my brothers and sisters with mental illness. I am not alone. We call it home. I love Choices, it gives you life, it gives you stability, it gives you a purpose for the day. Members addiction to Monopoly is great. Choices has given me more than I have given back towards this beautiful place called Choices. That is why I consider it home. Choices has given me a renewal of life and happiness. For once, I have happiness. I love every member if this place. I have more sisters and brothers than I can count.
I once had a foundation of Hirsch Hauling, Inc. with 25 just purchased 2 yard dumpsters and a new Kenworth truck. The truck was my living room and the road was my life every day for 15 years. My home and everything was on fire. Everything gone, everything. Sunk in quicksand, what a blessing to lose everything, have nowhere to go but down a dead end street to open the doors to Choices.

Erin Hirsch Survivor

I love my Family

I am proud of my mental illness because I love myself to love others.