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Choices A Community Social Center
320 E. South St.
Akron, Ohio 44311

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  • Choices is a non-profit organization with a 501(c) 3 classification in the state of Ohio. Choices receives the primary funding from the ADM Board. We also receive in-kind and cash donations from groups, individuals or foundations. A form can be obtained from the Choices office staff to receive a tax deduction for any donations received. The Board has the overall responsibility for the operation of Choices, but the day-to-day decisions are made in concert with staff and membership. Choices has been operational since October of 1992. The current Executive Director - Cynthia Duckworth, the Activity Aides, Office Personnel, and the rest of the staff, strive continually to provide the most efficient and the best run facility of its kind for its members.


    To provide a Social, Recreational, Educational, Resource, Empowerment, Advocacy & Recovery Center for adults receiving Mental Health Services in Summit Co.


    To reduce the stigma of Mental Illness.
    To Provide Equipment and Exposure to various Recreational Activities.
    To Provide a Center in which to Make a Positive Contribution to the Community.
    To give Mental Health Consumers in Summit County area a Quality Consumer run Program.


    To provide a Community-based Recreational Facility.
    To Enhance Individual Growth, by Providing the
    Opportunity for members to develop
    Healthy Leisure and Social skills.
    To Develop Planning, Thinking and Working Skills
    (through Hobbies, Games, Crafts, community "Outings" and other Social Developmental Opportunities).
    To Provide Equipment and Activities to
    Promote Good Physical Heath.